Our commitment

Besides being a sustainable brand that creates eco-friendly products, we believe, as an enterprise, we must be an active member of society: 


Developing several actions to clean up plastic from different places, such as rivers, forests and beaches, which we will keep you informed about on our web and social networks.
And also, giving financial support to organizations, such as 'The Ocean Cleanup', which investigate and develop pick-up systems to rid of plastic rivers and oceans.  

That way, we will do our bit helping to avoid the plastic which contaminates our seas, harms ecosystems or releases gases that contribute to global warming


The Ocean Cleanup

This is a Dutch non-profit organization that has invented a passive drifting system of garbage collection, which moves by marine currents, just like plastic does, in order to capture it.

Thanks to this technology, they hope to clean up half  of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch within five years. To understand the enormity of this task, it  is enough to say the Garbage Island is as big as France, Spain and Germany combined.
If you want  further information on The Ocean Cleanup, just click here

    The Artic Bay

    Nature inspires us to create sustainable products made in Europe.

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