Earth is an oasis in outer space, a beautiful anomaly between millions of stars and planets. There are many reasons to take care of it, but, above all, because it is the only place we have to live.

Who we are?

We are environmentally aware professionals who, after working for multinationals many years, arrived at the conclusion that, if you want something to change, it has to begin with oneself first.  

The Arctic Bay?

The Arctic's importance in the planet's weather is enormous. Its ice reflects solar rays, ejecting them back into outer space, and regulates the global temperature through the ocean currents. Unfortunately, rising temperature due to climate change is melting the Arctic. 
Luckily, we are still in time to stop it, by changing the way we think, act and consume.

What we do?

At The Arctic Bay we are inspired by Nature to create our designs, manufacturing high quality sustainable products that contribute, even just a little bit, to preserving our world.

Nowadays, it is normal to consume bad quality products in huge amounts. Which turns into more waste, more kilometers of transport, worse working conditions and, of course, more pollution.  

Excellent transpiration 

Air runs freely, letting your skin breathe.

Extra softness 

Organic brushed cotton is so soft that you will not realize you are wearing it.

No allergies  

Organic cotton avoids allergies derived from the wrongful use of chemical products.  

Nature surrounds us, although it can sometimes go unnoticed; we just need to stop and  appreciate its beauty.

At The Arctic Bay, we let Nature inspire us to create uniquely designed products that really make a difference.

Because of the originality of designs

In choosing what we are inspired by, we try to find new themes or see them from another point of view.

Because of our production 

We are not a mass consumption company. Our production is small, that's why you can be totally secure that you will always wear something special.

Because of the colors 

We have carefully chosen all colors so you will have many more options in matching them with your outfits.

Because of our message 

If you love Nature, you will wear them not only to have people say how stylish you are (which will most definitely happen), but also to express the way you think.

From the beginning, we were clear about what we wanted to sell:
A sustainable eco-friendly product.

Carbon footprint 

We didn't choose Spain to manufacture our socks by chance. In addition to ensuring quality thanks to its textile tradition, it means we avoid having our products go around the planet to reach us.


Thus we reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to having less traffic on the oceans. 

Organic cotton 

Organic cotton farming only uses responsible methods and materials which are lower on environmental impact. 


Therefore, as no toxic or petrochemical substances, such as fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides, are used, they will not reach the environment harming aquifers and ecosystems. 


In addition, this kind of farming can save 50% of water, because it increases the organic matter in the soil, making its management more effective.

All our socks are made with GOTS certified organic cotton.
(Supplier licence number: CU809673)



In 2050, there will be more plastic in the sea than fishes according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

In The Arctic Bay we would like to be part of the solution, instead of the problem. 


We always try to swap plastic for another biodegradable and environmentally friendly material. From our labels, which are made using recycled cardboard and joined to the sock with a thread, to our gift packs or the cardboard boxes we use in our shipments.

In addition, we give financial support to 'The Ocean Cleanup' and we also make small actions to remove plastic locally from our forests, rivers and beaches.
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    The Artic Bay

    Nature inspires us to create sustainable products made in Europe.

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